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Take the Move Schedule to every Relocation Committee Meeting to discuss any updates that have been made.
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Agendas for Move Champion Meetings

About this product

Agendas items are provided as the basis for the Move Champions meetings. They include any Move Champions related activities and can be used to provide structure to the regular Move Champions Meetings. By using these prepopulated agendas, you know that every task and milestone required for the Move Champions to successfully complete their job, will be covered at the correct time in the project.

Who's involved? The relocation project manager and the move champions.

Read more in Topic 20 of the Relocation Assistant manual!

You receive:

  • A six page document containing prepopulated agendas with over 30 activities to pick and choose from. Many of these agenda items are essential and will need to be actioned throughout the project lifecycle.  
  • The agenda pack also includes your all-important kick-off agenda and agendas for business as usual meetings.  
  • Choose what's relevant in your project schedule now that needs to be added to these agendas or customise your agendas using the list of topics and activities we suggest for your present and future move champion meetings.  
  • The agenda templates are there for you to edit as your own to reflect your business and project structure.
  • Agenda items available here to see you through up to 12 months of Move Champion meetings.
  • PLUS there is a helpful companion instruction document to assist you.




What's the cost and what would it take to create your own:



With our Relocation Assistant products

:  you can now lead, contribute and execute this project deliverable
 you get better results and save time, effort and money
 gain the support and full confidence of your project team
 run your relocation project like an expert


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