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If the IT and general crates and furniture are being relocated by different providers, then it is recommended there are two separate walkthroughs are scheduled.
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Telephony Manager

This person will be in charge of the Telephony requirements for the relocation. They will work alongside the IT Manager, or in some cases be the same person.

Tender Analysis And Recommendations

The Relocation Project Manager will review the tenders and provide an analysis and recommendation for the Relocation Committee to review prior to issuing to the Project Director for approval.

Tender Closeout

This is the process the Relocation Project Manager will follow after they receive tender responses.

Tender Documents

There are two types of tender documents: Expression of Interest (EOI) and Request for Tender (RFT).

Tender Review And Analysis

This is a three part process that determines the successful tender applicant.

Toolbox Talk

This is a short safety talk, normally delivered at the site immediately prior to commencing work.

Track And Trace

This is the process of managing all inventory, including any organisational assets, from the time of uplift, during transit and at delivery.

Traffic Management Plan

A Traffic Management Plan considers all potential risks of transporting all inventory of the relocation from the existing to new site/s.