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The Relocation Committee has a detailed role in the successful planning and execution of the relocation.
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Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)

These are documents provided by an external contractor to demonstrate how they will work safely in different circumstances, while onsite and working for your business.

Scope Of Works

This describes what tasks or work is to be performed throughout the relocation lifecycle and should contain any milestones, reports, and deliverables that are expected to be provided by the performing party.

Secure Tags

Secure Tags are an added level of security provided by your removals provider. These often include a barcode or serial number that can be recorded and tracked for added security.

Security Classification Questionnaire

This is an information document with an adjoining questionnaire regarding the security classification of company files.

Security Guards

The security guards are engaged to ensure the safety of the site and inventory during the relocation and should be on site for the duration of the relocation to protect the site and assets.

Security Representative

This person will be a member of staff. Their job will be to ensure the personal security of staff, buildings and organisational assets as well as coordinate specific tasks such as new access cards for all staff.

Site Specific OH&S Requirements

These requirements are set by the relevant Building Managers for their site.

Site Visits

Site visits to the new site are a great way to orient staff and assist the change management process. These visits may occur during or after the Fit Out of the site has been completed.

Site Walkthroughs With Tenderers

Walkthroughs of the existing and new sites give opportunity to familiarise themselves with the site/s and assets the need to be relocated, as well as giving them a chance to ask any questions on the scope of the move.

Standard Contract

A standard contract is a contract that the Removals Provider can be engaged under for the Scope of Works agreed in the Relocation RFT.

Storage Consultant

This person may have been engaged at the design stage of the project and may be running a concurrent programme such as a paper reduction programme. There will be times when having this consultant at meetings will assist with stepping out the storage mapping and file mapping requirements for the business closer to the relocation date.

Storage Reduction Champions (SRCs)

Storage Reduction Champions are nominated staff that interface with the clients' Storage Consultant and the business. They will be enlisted by the Project Control Group or Relocation Committee and the interaction with the SRCs is akin to the Move Coordinator role.?