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Relocation Change Register

This register is an excel document that will track any changes or variations to the relocation project scope, highlighting any risk, schedule or cost implications.

Relocation Committee Meetings

These meetings should be conducted weekly, be no longer than one hour in length, and be held on the same time/day each week.

Relocation Control Plan

The Relocation Control Plan is the document that outlines the scope of works for the relocation project. It provides the 'WHO', the 'WHAT', the 'HOW' and the 'WHEN' for all activities through the Start Up, Planning, Delivery and Close Out stages of the relocation project. Relocation Strategy.

Relocation Database

This database is a single source document that captures staff details and inventory and helps to track all staff who are relocating.

Relocation Dates

Dates for the relocation should be confirmed and reconfirmed with internal and external stakeholders on a regular basis.

Relocation Imperatives

These will outline the number of moves required, what teams are Essential Teams and the target relocation dates.

Relocation Project Manager (RPM)

This person will work closely with the Project Director and report to the Project Control Group. One of their many tasks during the relocation project will be to chair the Relocation Committee.

Relocation Project Manager Programme

The Relocation Project Manager Programme is a single source document and reporting tool that provides a month by month itemisation of all relocation related activities and their time commitments.

Relocation Request For Tender

This is a formal, structured document issued to providers, inviting them to submit a proposal for suppling the specified products or services.

Relocation Risk Register

This register is a master document that clearly documents and defines all perceived issues or risks and their impact on the relocation project and includes all risks associated with cost, quality and delivery.

Removals Providers

These providers are specific removalist companies that can provide a range of logistics services to the relocating organisation.

Removals Providers At Relocation Committee / Move Coordinator Meetings

Removals Providers will attend a scheduled Relocation Committee and Move Coordinator meetings, to introduce themselves and answer any questions about the relocation logistics. The Relocation Project Manager should prepare the Removals Providers with examples of the typical questions they may receive to ensure they are well prepared.

Removals Team Meeting

This is a weekly catch up or meeting between the Relocation Project Manager and Removals Provider to plan the relocation logistics.

Reporting Matrix

This is a document that includes the reporting responsibilities of all key stakeholders in the Relocation Committee.

Roles And Responsibilities

Roles and Responsibilities provide a key stakeholder or group with a clear definition and understanding of their role, vital tasks and responsibilities in the Relocation Project.