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The Relocation Project Manager will need to book all site visits by the Removals Providers with the Building Managers.
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Packing Instructions

Instructions will be provided to staff to ensure their belongings are packed safely in a way that they will not get damaged, or lost in relocation.

Pre-Relocation Meeting

This meeting will take place on the week leading up to the relocation and all Move Coordinators, Backup Move Coordinators and Command Centre Committee Members will be invited to attend.

Prepack Requirements

This is where the Removals Provider has been scheduled to pack and unpacking specific items or areas on behalf of their client.

Project Administrator

This is a supporting role to the Relocation Project Manager. In some cases this person will attend the Relocation Committee Meetings but not the Project Control Group Meetings.

Project Control Group (PCG)

This group oversees management of the commercial office fit out and it includes relevant teams from the various service delivery areas of an Organisation. The role of the PCG is to review, approve and modify as required without assuming the role of the?Relocation Project Manager.

Project Director

The Project Director role is that akin to the senior Manager in the Business line responsible for the Project.? This may be a Project specific role, or may be handed to the Corporate Services or Facilities business unit.? ?The Project Director is the interface between the Relocation Committee and the Project Control Group.? The Relocation Project Manager has a direct reporting line to this role in a project and non-project environment.

Project Reporting

Reporting is delivered through different forms of communication and at various frequencies; not all forms of reporting will be distributed to all stakeholders.

Project Scope

The Project Scope provides the reason why the project has been undertaken, the parties both internal and external that are involved, the activities that will be occurring, the locations, critical dates, and the processes to achieve the objectives.

Protection Of Site

These are the requirements set out in the Relocation RFT to protect the new and existing sites from damage during relocation.