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In the event there are more than 15 Move Coordinators allocated to the Relocation, two Move Coordinator meetings will ideally be scheduled for each meeting time. These meetings can be scheduled back to back.
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Occupational Health & Safety Committee

This committee will provide a representative to attend any Relocation Committee Meetings where OH&S issues are to be discussed or are being raised.

Occupational Health & Safety Guidelines

Guidelines for the new site will come from the OH&S Committee and identify any workplace changes that will impact on staff.

Occupational Health & Safety Representative

This person will be the knowledge source for all OH&S requirements. They will sit in the relocating company's OH&S Committee and assist with Risk Planning as well as OH&S requirements.

Operating Expenses: Fully Gross, Gross & Net

The rent paid by a tenant will either be on a net, gross or fully gross basis. When the rent is paid on a net basis, the tenant will be responsible for the payment of his proportion of all building operating costs. Where the tenant pays rent on a gross basis, the rent paid will include these building operating costs. In the case of gross rents, tenants will be responsible for the payment of any increases in outgoings over and above a base year. The percentage of outgoings applicable is based on the area of the tenancy in relation to the total net lettable area of the building. In other words, a tenant who occupies 10 per cent (10%) of the entire building will be responsible for payment of either 10 per cent (10%) of the increase in all building operating costs over and above the base year or 10 per cent (10%) of the total building operating costs, depending upon whether a gross or net rental is applicable. Outgoings do not include telephone charges, which are billed direct to tenants. Tenants are also generally responsible for the cost of all electricity consumed by the tenant within the leased area; the same applies to any other costs associated with tenant’s special usage (i.e. data services, Foxtel and water usage). A fully gross rent also includes any increases in building outgoings.

Organisation Chart

An Organisation Chart is a diagram used to illustrate the relationships between all internal and external stakeholders of a Relocation Project.