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Tip of the day

When customising the Relocation Control Plan, consider the definition of the topic you are working on.
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Master Plans

This is package 4.1 of The Relocation Assistant and contains governing documents designed to establish the sequence of required tasks, assign responsible parties and suggested time commitments for the relocation project.

Meeting Agendas

Prepopulated meeting agenda topics are provided for the Relocation Committee and Move Coordinator meetings.

Mobile Phone Signal

Due to a varying level of mobile phone signal strength on and around many sites, you may not be able to rely on mobile phone coverage. This needs to be tested in advance so alternative arrangements can be made if required.

Move Coordinator

A Move Coordinator is the primary contact for the staff members of a business unit, for the duration of the relocation project.

Move Coordinator Database

This is a single source document that captures all personal and business related details of the Move Coordinators and Backup Move Coordinators.

Move Coordinator Engagements

Predetermined engagements for the Move Coordinators are broken into monthly commitments for the duration of the relocation project.

Move Coordinator Entry And Exit Checklist

This checklist is a quality document for the day of relocation, that provides as a cross check/ reference for the Move Coordinators to ensure that all staff within their team are 'relocation ready'.

Move Coordinator Kick Off Meeting

This is the first formal meeting with all the Move Coordinators.

Move Coordinator Move Plan

This document is a chronicle of all relocation activities pertaining to a particular business unit, used by the Move Coordinators in the delivery phase of the relocation project.

Move Coordinator Questionnaire

This is a questionnaire completed by the Move Coordinator and gathers information about the business unit's relocation requirements.

Move Coordinator Saturday Checklist

This checklist will provide the Move Coordinators with a list of specific activities to complete the weekend of the relocation.

Move Schedule

A Move Schedule is a single source document used to track all relocation project deliverables.