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Signing in and out of the Command Centre is a safety procedure and will be use in case of emergency for tracking who is onsite.
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Ingress is the way to enter a place or the act of entering a place.? In the use of this term in The Accommodation Assistant, ingress refers to the entry to building facilities, such as the loading dock and building car park.?


Interfiling is undertaken when records are to be collocated?or merged into a new protocol during a relocation. The process of interfiling includes understanding the current locations of all records, the existing storage volumes and storage unit capacity to store the merged records, and the method of how the records will be displayed i.e., alphabetised or where the files are interfiled using AAA keyword thesaurus protocols.? The end result is a larger number of records being interfiled in a systematic collective array.

Internal OH&S Requirements

These are requirements set by the OH&S Committee regarding the tenancy area, inside the building.

Interview With Tenderers

An interview will be held prior to the successful tenderer being awarded the contract as preferred Removals Provider, the top tenderer or all tenderers who submitted a valid tender can be interviewed.


The relocation organisations' Intranet will be managed by the Change/ Communications Manager and when relevant, relocation specific information will be added to the site.

IT Manager

This person can also be referred to as the IT Project Manager, and they will be responsible for the IT requirements of the relocation. They will work alongside the Relocation Project Manager to manage the business critical infrastructure and general IT requirements.