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Draft and Final Move Coordinator Move Plans should be issued at Move Coordinator Meetings, to allow for on the spot discussion and clarification.
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Egress is the way to exit a place or the act of exiting a place.? In the use of this term in The Accommodation Assistant, egress refers to the exit of building facilities, such as the loading dock and building car park.

Engaging Your External Providers

This is package 4.1 of The Relocation Assistant and it identifies and manages the external relationship throughout the relocation lifecycle, complete with essential communications, forms and processes.

Engaging Your Relocation Committee

This is package 4.2 of The Relocation Assistant and it includes a wide range of tasks from setting up your Organisation Structure, preparing your meeting agendas and drafting up your communications and more.

Engaging Your Staff

This is package 4.3 of The Relocation Assistant and it accelerates the engagement of Move Coordinators and prepares the business units for relocation.

Essential Business Units

These are teams or business units within the relocating business who may need to stay insitu during the main relocation, relocate earlier or later than the rest of the staff due to particular responsibilities most commonly regarding finance or technology.