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It is reasonable that the Relocation Committee will have members that will have specific responsibilities for the planning and execution of business units and they may be responsible for advising of dependencies on related projects and external service providers.
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Change / Communications Manager

This person is responsible for communicating to the business, information about the relocation. There are a number of communications that need to be issued at the correct time. They are also responsible for ensuring the new site has facilities booked like routine deliveries and collections and that these services are cancelled at the existing site.

Close Out Of Move Coordinator Role

Following the relocation, it is important to meet and close out the role for the Move Coordinators including a debrief of the relocation and a thank you for their contribution.

Close Out Of Relocation Committee

The Relocation Committee review, debrief and Close Out will take place at the final Relocation Committee meeting, post relocation, and will cover 'lessons learnt' and financial closures.

Collection Of Crates

Crates will be in the days following the relocation by the removals provider.

Command Centre

The Relocation Command Centre is a centralised point of contact in the existing and then new site where all support to relocating staff, during and immediately following the relocation, is coordinated.

Command Centre Lead

This person may be engaged closer to the relocation date and most suitably will be a staff member unrelated to the project team thus not having dual roles.


A crate is a stackable plastic box that will be provided by your removals provider. These will be used to pack and transport company assets.

Crate Breakdown For Removals Provider

A summary of the required volumes of packing materials, including crates and labels, should be sent to the Removals Provider, who will arrange delivery to a central location at a pre-arranged time.