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Relocating your Business: DIY or Call an Expert?

By Greg Hohns, published 4 January 2017


How many times have you heard someone say, “It can’t be that hard, I’ll just do it myself and save a few bucks”, only to find that it was more complicated than first thought and what started out as an easy project turned out to be a disaster. Many times, the area in which someone is trying to save a dollar or two is in an area they have little or no knowledge or experience in.

So, the question is should you try to undertake that project yourself (regardless of what this might be) or should you consult an expert to help or run the project for you? To me it is like having a medical condition and requiring an operation and then pondering over whether you should perform the surgery yourself or seek the help of a surgeon. It makes sense not to take the risk, and yet people take risks in business every day.

For the small to medium enterprise (SME) companies when it comes to relocating their business, this is not an easy choice to make. They must weigh up the cost of hiring an expert compared to the cost of “having a go yourself”.

As business relocation specialists, we here at SKILLINGS, often hear of the problems companies get into trying to run their own relocation projects. They have little understanding of the complexities involved in safely relocating their business from one site to another. I use the word ‘safely’ here as it can be very dangerous to the health of your business if the relocation goes horribly wrong. The risk to your business operations continuity, your brand reputation, your staff involvement, and cost blow outs are just a few of the considerations in business relocations.

This is perfectly pointed out in Andrew MacCallum’s blog ‘The Real and Hidden Cost of a Commercial Relocation’

Here, Andrew clearly points out how quickly things can go wrong and the cost escalation from what was considered an ‘easy move’.

At SKILLINGS we can help you understand your choices. If you want to run the relocation yourself, we can provide you with a low-cost process to achieve your desired outcome. Giving you control over your project and your budget.

If you want to engage a commercial relocation management firm to run your relocation, we can help you to liaise with them. What questions to ask, what is your responsibility and what to expect from their services.

The secret to a successful relocation is understanding the process involved.

The SKILLINGS, SME Relocation Programs will guide you through the process to safely ensure that there is little disruption to your business operations, to your customer services and that you start your new adventure in your new premises as positive as possible. 

Go to to find the relocation program that is the right fit for your commercial move or if you just need some advice, contact us here at we are here to help.