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Increase Your Business Opportunities with SKILLINGS Education

By Greg Hohns, published 16 December 2016


For centuries, education has been the cornerstone of society, challenging us to live a certain way that is acceptable for the common good to all. It is through education that we deliver this, a standard of living that is embedded in the way we interact with each other.  This is shown through our relationships, whether they be either personal or in our workplace.

In today’s world of high demands, our workforce expects that employees (and employers) are appropriately educated and trained to perform their core duties. This is shown with the latest figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. In May 2016, it was estimated that, of the 15.7 million people aged 15 to 64 years in Australia, over 3 million, or nearly 1 in 5 people (20%), were enrolled in formal study. With the proportion of people studying increasing for all age groups and both sexes over the last 10 years.

But education for today’s business world should be more than this, more than just being able to do your job well and education should be the platform from which an individual can reach their full potential. It is the vehicle to which individuals can develop their talents and abilities. A way in for which we can understand and appreciate the interconnectedness of all people whilst allowing anyone to create and live meaningful lives.

Our workforce now demands that all employees are offered an avenue to ‘personal development’ and is now seen as an expectation rather than a privilege. At this point I am reminded of the comical (but very true) story of two executives talking and one says “what if we train our people and then they leave our company?” and the other executive replies “yes, but what if we don’t train our people and they stay!”

For success in today’s business world, companies must now have education and the training of their people as an integral part of their business development strategy. Having a highly-educated workforce will create a competitive advantage for companies in the business environment. With educated individuals bringing in more creative and innovative ideas, businesses can find new ways of improving operations and thereby increasing productivity of goods and/or services. Of course, having experience is vital to the performance in your ability to carry out your job, but combine experience with new skills and you have the capability to perform skills that will prove to be invaluable in the world of business.

SKILLINGS Education identifies how obtaining new skill sets will increase your business opportunities. Our Business Relocation Program has been aligned to BSB51915 Diploma of Management and Leadership (Majoring in Change), through our Strategic Alliance with Australasian Leadership Academy (RTO ID: 41012) and can deliver new opportunities for businesses operating in the commercial property sector. The SKILLINGS Education ‘Business Relocation Program’ is the first of its kind on the global market. It provides the knowledge and skills required to undertake a major role in the leadership and management of business relocation projects.

The program covers the broad areas of planning, leading, organising & implementing effective strategies to successfully deliver a business relocation project. The program is delivered sequentially providing an understanding to the planning, scope, schedule, cost and management of a relocation project from start up to close out.

This program will appeal to a wide range of learners working within the commercial accommodation industry. From personnel holding a management position to those with the responsibility to head up a project team for business relocations.

This program is also highly recommended to project management companies who are currently offering relocation services or want to take a future direction into business relocations project management. This program will give your company an edge over other companies in this competitive market.

For more information about the SKILLINGS Education ‘Business Relocation Program’ please visit our website at

  or contact us on or phone 1300 231 176.