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When advising Removals Providers of locations for crate drop off, the rooms can be the same or different but should be located close together.
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Free Property Procurement Roadmap Released

By Karen Skillings & Greg Hohns, Published 13 December 2016.


SKILLINGS is proud to release their Property Procurement Roadmap, the second roadmap in their Lease Strategy Roadmap series.


This roadmap delivers all the essential information needed when procuring a new office space. It provides the decision maker with clear guidance through the property procurement considerations whilst aligning an organisation's vision with the work environment to enable peak performance and reduce costs.


The Property Procurement Roadmap reveals the key strategies that are imperative to help determine the risk and/or reward ratio of this potential investment. Behind human resources, property procurement is the second biggest financial investment any organisation must make.

The SKILLINGS Lease Strategy Roadmap series is the result of an 18-month study into the commercial property industry and its practices.


This in-depth analysis of the operational aspects of the commercial property industry offers the decision makers with a holistic view and provides high-level strategies to ensure the best outcome for any organisation at any phase of the commercial lease life-cycle.


With the collaboration of some of Australia’s leading industry experts, this Lease Strategy Roadmap series delivers to the world market for the first time a volume of industry `best practice’ management strategies.  The Lease Strategy Roadmap series are `dynamic’ documents and are constantly updated with the latest information in this ever-changing industry.


Download your FREE copy of the Property Procurement Roadmap HERE.


For more information about the SKILLINGS Lease Strategy Roadmap Series please visit our website at or contact us on or phone 1300 231 176.



We would love to help answer any queries you may have about any phase of your property lease life-cycle. Give us a call at any time.