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By Greg Hohns, Published 26 October 2016.


Brisbane company has developed the world’s first Diploma for Business Relocations - a 12-month online course creating opportunities in the commercial property industry.


Director of SKILLINGS, Karen Skillings has developed this diploma to bridge the gap between current industry practices and the lack of formal qualifications for business relocation specialists.

“Running a business relocation project requires careful planning and attention to detail yet there is no qualified training,” Ms Skillings said.


“Existing Project Managers and Facilities Managers who work in the commercial accommodation space, need to obtain this skill set and up until now only on the job experience has helped them,” she said.


“As experts in business relocations, we believe it is our responsibility to help educate and give value to those embarking on a career in this area of the commercial accommodation industry.”


“Formal training for professionals working in the commercial accommodation industry is currently non-existent and we are excited to be the first company globally to offer this Australian accredited course that meets the Nationally Recognised Training standards.”


“The diploma course has been written for large companies wanting to self-manage their own business relocation or for relocation specialists wanting to formalise and build upon their current skill set. The course has been embedded into the diploma of Leadership & Management / specialising in Business Relocations. ”


"For those heading up the project team, this diploma in business relocations will be imperative to the success of their project."


Ms Skillings believes that this diploma will benefit both services providers and clients in a number of ways.

  • Personal Development: provide clear direction for the business relocation processes;
  • New Skills: companies will be able to up-service future clients and  provide an alternative to current practices;
  • Cost Savings: saving thousands of dollars on relocation mismanagement;
  • Peace of Mind: clients have peace of mind that their relocation project is run by qualified relocation project managers; and
  • Move Size Not a Worry: Give companies the confidence to self-manage a relocation project regardless of the move size.


“I believe the Diploma will set high expectations for business relocation standards across the commercial accommodation industry.”


“Eventually the diploma course will be supported with Certificate II, III & IV in business relocations and will educate a variety of personnel from removalist teams to those working within a relocation project group .”


Anyone interested in finding out more about the diploma or the certificate courses can contact SKILLINGS at



Karen has worked in the Australian commercial property industry for over 20 years, holding a variety of roles including National FM, National Property Manager, National Procurement Manager, State Workplace Manager and as a relocation consultant specialist throughout Australia. In recent years Karen has turned her attention to educating the industry, recognising that without formal qualifications, clients receive varying levels of service for a crucial service. 

Karen Skillings

Ph 0418 197 601 or 1300 231 176