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SKILLINGS work closely with industry peers through the development of their whole of property accommodation lifecycle products and offer a distinct and unique set of skills to support their clients through the ever changing and fast paced commercial property sector.


Meet Our Team

The SKILLINGS Education team of product developers, educators, assessors, and consultants all share the belief that knowledge should be accessible to everyone; and that one never stops learning.


Karen Skillings




Karen is a business relocation specialist and the founder of SKILLINGS.

She has worked in the Australian commercial property industry for over 20 years, in addition to holding a variety of roles across the educational training arena in the late 80’s and early 90’s.

Karen’s love of technical software and publications led her to become the in-house trainer of products such as operating systems and database products.  She later wrote technical manuals to support many of these early database products in Australia.  This directed Karen's interest into property-related roles, later working for large national organisations both in the public and private sectors, where she managed both the property and procurement portfolios.

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Greg Hohns





Greg is a professional educator and director of SKILLINGS.

He is a born educator with extensive teaching experience for the past 15 years in both the primary and secondary education sectors.

Teaching across a variety of subject areas, Greg has educated, mentored, managed teams, organised events, delivered outcomes and overseen budgets. He has a sound understanding of curriculum content and assessment and has delivered lesson plans that are meaningful, memorable, motivational and measurable.

Prior to teaching, Greg worked for 20 years as a qualified tradesman, working extensively in commercial fit out. This has given him a sound understanding of the commercial property industry from the project perspective of time, budget and deliverables.

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Annie Steffens

SKILLINGS Education Team Member


Annie is a business relocation project manager and a member of our assessment team.

Annie has spent several years working alongside professionals in business relocations and space utilisation giving her a sound understanding of the commercial property industry.

Annie provides clients with business accommodation planning, storage audits and analysis to assist clients in planning their future workspaces. 

Annie works closely in developing and constructing SKILLINGS Education courseware.

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